A.I. Enabled Engineering for Industrial Manufacturing

Novate Solutions®, Inc. provides A.I. enabled engineering services and technology solutions specifically for industrial manufacturing process.  Real-time monitoring based upon existing automation solutions on a 24/7/365. 

Novate Industrial Managed Services (IMS) is a revolutionary service that provides industrial facilities with vastly improved reliability and prevents unplanned downtime.  Using breakthrough IBM Watson IoT A.I. technology, processes are scanned at a rate that exceeds what humans are capable of.

Industrial Managed Services will convert your existing automation system into a network of Industrial IoT sensors and instruments.  Use the IIoT data in real-time to reduce downtime, improve reliability and reduce wasted resources.  Learn more, click below.

Industrial Managed Services


Our full suite of engineering design services and state of the art technology solutions ensure that our clients receive robust, comprehensive designs that offer valuable process insights needed for the reliable production and can support ongoing continuous improvement efforts.


Multidisciplinary engineering design and process insight.


Turnkey process control and automation solutions.


Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity Solutions.

Industrial Managed Services

Comprehensive, automated performance monitoring; expert engineering and A.I. enabled process monitoring.

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Novate combines core engineering disciplines with controls integration expertise and system deployment capabilities for true design build efficiencies.

Why drive inefficiency into process and limit the value of automation applications by retaining an engineering company for engineering design and a separate integration company to develop control strategies? Our multidisciplinary process control engineering firm serves to bridge this divide between engineering and integration, offering you a highly efficient process, saving you time and money in the long run.

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We keep your operations on the cutting edge, and ahead of your competition.

Our professionals work beneath the surface in a variety of industries and disciplines, starting with the core scientific principles that drive your process.

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24/7/365 Engineering support when and how you need it!

When process failure costs are measured by the minute, time is of the essence. We offer professional engineering resources that can be on site quickly, for the fastest possible diagnosis and resolution.

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We have been fortunate enough to work with great clients throughout the years. Here are just a few: