Production Reliability

There are a staggering number of components and thousands of considerations that go into a single day of industrial manufacturing.  However, it all comes down to ensuring the right number of units get out the door at the best possible quality and cost.  That is industrial production. 

It is no small feat regardless of how large or small your facility is.  Doing this reliably and profitably, day in and day out, while meeting the high standards of global sustainability, regulatory compliance, and workplace safety is an even greater endeavor.  

We think this effort demands a strategic partner that can offer a full breadth of engineering and technology services and are fully committed to your production goals.


Our full suite of engineering design services, industrial networking and control systems integration, and Industrial Managed Services ensure that our clients have all of the skill sets, expertise, tools, and technology necessary for ensuring industrially robust implementations and imminently available production support when it really matters.


Multidisciplinary engineering design and process insight.


Turnkey process control and automation solutions.


Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity Solutions.


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Industrial Managed Services

Comprehensive, automated performance monitoring; expert engineering and A.I. enabled process monitoring.



Novate exists to help manufacturers succeed operationally.   That requires a wide range of skillsets, expertise, tools, technology, and methodologies that we work hard to develop and deliver every day.  Our strategy is to provide all of the professional services that our clients need to engineer, automate, implement and support production systems as well as to effectively evaluate, apply and utilize the latest IIoT, cloud, and A.I. technologies for maximum productivity.

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24/7/365 Engineering support when and how you need it!

When process failure costs are measured by the minute, time is of the essence. We offer professional engineering resources that can be on site quickly, for the fastest possible diagnosis and resolution.

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We have been fortunate enough to work with great clients throughout the years. Here are just a few: