The semiconductor industry has come a long way, today’s ever-changing digital world requires these companies to keep up with new technologies as well as adapt or evolve their products in order to always be at the forefront of current market demands while also maintaining profitability. To do so, nearly every company needs innovative solutions that can provide them an edge over competitors by allowing innovation without compromising on time, cost and quality.

With our expertise in electrical engineering, process automation and custom fabrication, we continue to be a strong strategic technology partner providing quality assistance from the initial idea to systems design and installation.

Novate provides engineering, design, integration networking installation services and industrial managed services.

Novate partners with clients across all aspects of their infrastructure needs-from development to deployment.

Our project expertise covers the following:

Our drive is to minimize delays and accomplish on schedule production requirements.

We target precision in our project delivery objective that best meets our clients’ goals ranging from design –bid build, to design built with an integrated team. Including professional stand-alone services.

Our professionals offers the highest level of expertise in developing engineered solutions and implementing technology for complex environments including new or existing facilities, retrofitting existing legacy systems, and executing large tool ramps. As with any facility upgrades, we understand that complex codes issues could arise due to occupancy requirements change, technology processes evolve, and improved facility optimization.

Novate brings experience to minimize the potential for delays and surprises, in order to ensure that production requirements are achieved on schedule

Our consulting services include:

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