Tier 2 – A.I. Optimized Management

A.I. Enabled Process Monitoring

Engineers monitoring your process, with near real-time A.I. scanning process data, this changes the game completely. Even with around the clock monitoring, we as humans are limited in our ability to scan hundreds, or even thousands of points for unusual characteristics, until now.

Novate - SOC

With IBM Watson IIoT engine, your process data is securely evaluated at a mind numbing rate. The complex analysis results in data that must be evaluated and organized. Novate engineers evaluate this data and act upon the results.

Read about the IBM Watson IoT technology here.

Leverage your existing automation equipment. All of your existing automation systems, including PLCs, SCADA, robotics, and the sensors and instruments are used by this breakthrough technology. This results in no capital cost, no installation costs and rapid results. This is the first IIoT platform that scales dynamically with your factory without any additional sensors, programming or other hardware!

With Tier-2 Industrial Managed services, you now have around the clock engineers actively monitoring your process for predictive failure and process optimization.

Tier-2 Services Include:

  • All Tier 1 Services
  • IBM Watson IoT platform Anomaly Engine Scanning all Data
  • Shared Active Engineering Monitoring on 8/5 or 24/7 basis
  • Weekly Process Team Conference Call
  • Quarterly Optimization Analysis Report
  • Optional On-Premise Radio Integration with your existing radio system

Tier 1 – Process Reliability

Tier 3 – Dedicated A.I. Enabled Engineering